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Post Construction

The last thing you want to do when you've completed a renovation or moved into a new facility is worry about cleaning up. A1 Cleaning Technologies understands you want your new business to look prestine when opening to the public. You can rely on our top rated commercial post construction clean up team to deliver impeccable results!


Our insured and bonded technicians are trained per A1's Standards of Procedure (SOP's) to deliver the quality results you expect everytime. You will find that we are hard working, easy to communicate with, and a pleasure to have around your site. We take pride in our exceptional customer service just as much as we do our cleanings. That means we will arrive on time, ready to work, and always have a smile on our face. If we aren't exceeding your expectations than we aren't working to our company standards.


To ensure high standards, we will have an on site lead at all times and regular quality inspections will be completed by area supervisors. We offer a basic to highly detailed services which include:



"If we aren't exceeding your expectations than we aren't working to our company standards"

  • Removing Debris

  • Cleaning Mirrors and Glass

  • Clean Door and Window Frames

  • Clean Carpets

  • Dust all interior surfaces


  • Vacuum and Sweeping

  • Detail all Wall, Interior, and Moveable Fixtures

  • Disinfect Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Scrub Floors

  • Polish Stainless Steel

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