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Floor Services

"There is no other item in your business that can affect the appearance quite like carpets."



Everday traffic on your commercial VCT floors can cause your tiles to look worn out and unappealing to customers and result in a loss of business and low employee moral. Let A1 Cleaning Technologies' professionals deliver a superior floor cleaning program to have your floors look like they were installed yesterday! Not only will our program help with moral but will add to the life our your floor and save you thousands of dollars over the years. Our employees are bonded and insured as well as thoroughly trained on our Standards of Procedure (SOP's) so you can expect the same quality of service everytime, garunteed. We offer the following services to achieve the look you desire and what we expect:



  • Floor Scrubbing

  • Wax Stripping

  • Refinishing

  • High Speed Burnishing

  • Scrape all Sticky Spots off using Metal Blades

  • Applying Wax

  • Remove all Dirt by Thoroughly Mopping

  • Applying High Quality Floor Stripper

  • Rinse Floors with a Neutrlizer

  • Spray Buff

  • Sealing and Polishing


Hard Floors

Types of flooring we service: marble, terrazzo, vinyl, concrete, raised computer floors, ESD floors, and concrete


We are dedicated to ensuring your floors maintain a uniform appearance year round, no matter how much traffic you encounter.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

There is no other item in your business that can affect the appearance quite like carpets. We will rid your carpet of unforeseen contaminents such as dust in addition to all of the obvious dirt and grime. To maintain appearance, your carpets should be professionally cleaning every six to twelve months.


Our commercial carpet cleaing process includes:


  • Inspection of carpets

  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains

  • Removal of loose soil

  • Hot water extraction

  • Shampoo deodorizing

  • Ensuring uniform appearance

  • Sanitizing

  • Final Inspection for garunteed satisfaction


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